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At the Inauguration of Krista L. Newkirk and the performance of 12 and Change by Jamison Stevens and Timothy Cunningham. Left to right: Jamison Stevens, Krista Newkirk, Art Svenson, and Timothy Cunningham.


Jamison Stevens is active as a composer and choral arranger, with original works having  been premiered in concerts, recitals, and church services across the country. His works have been commissioned and invited for ceremonial and concert settings, and he has frequently collaborated with poets, lyricists, and other composers.

12 and Change

Composed with Timothy Cunningham with an original text by Dr. Art Svenson, David E. Boies Professor of Government, 12 and Change was written for Krista L. Newkirk, J.D. upon her appointment as the twelfth president of the University of Redlands. It was premiered November 5, 2021 on the steps of Memorial Chapel, and performed at Newkirk's inauguration on February 23, 2022.

Promotional video for 12 and Change published by the University of Redlands, 2021.

Recorded October 24, 2021, published May 23, 2022.

Ubi caritas

Dedicated to Dr. Ralph Kuncl and his wife Nancy upon his retirement as the eleventh president of the University of Redlands in November of 2020, Ubi caritas was premiered virtually by the University of Redlands Chapel Singers on May 23, 2021 and has since been performed in numerous recitals and church services.

Hymns of the Nativity

Composed with Timothy Cunningham, Hymns of the Nativity it a two-movement work for chorus and orchestra, written for and premiered at the 72nd Feast of Lights at the University of Redlands, December 5-8, 2019. Taking two Nativity texts from the Greek Orthodox liturgy, the Apolytikion and Kontakion, and setting them in the original Greek, this work is both accessible and exciting for choirs and orchestras.

Promotional video for Hymns of the Nativity, published by the University of Redlands, 2019.

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