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Find articles here about Jamison's recent projects, performances, and premieres! To stay up-to-date on upcoming events, be sure to follow Jamison at the social media links below!


Timeless Tradition: Celebrating the 76th Annual Feast of Lights

The Feast of Lights, a production dating back to 1942, has become the traditional kickoff to the holiday season at the University of Redlands. A celebration that tells the story of...

The show must go on

When the University of Redlands 2020 Summer Piano Camp was canceled because of COVID-19, students and organizers tapped into their “the show must go on” determination to create a whole new experience using video. U of R Summer Piano Camp, a week-long workshop for intermediate to advanced pianists ages 9-18, has been held on the main U of R campus since 2008. Artist...


These University of Redlands students scored a first at the annual Feast of Lights

Two University of Redlands sophomores are the first students to compose the musical centerpiece for the long-standing Feast of Lights celebration. The composition is also their first orchestral piece, and it’s in Greek. Only a handful of...

Students write the Feast of Lights 'masterwork'

Since the annual University of Redlands Feast of Lights was conceived in 1947, this musical portrait of the birth of Christ has been renowned for its artistry—the music, the costumes, the tableaux, the candlelight—as well as for its hopeful, joyous spirit. This year’s performance is even more exceptional, as the...

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