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Recent Perfomances!

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Although it's been a while since I've posted anything on this blog, I wanted to share a few pieces of mine that have been premiered in the last few months and give an update on what's coming up in the next few months.

This last December, my piece, A Prayer of the Lowly One, was performed at the Green Orange Composition Recital at the University of Redlands, performed by graduate soprano Anna Caplan and sophomore pianist Hanako Duffie. It was premiered a month earlier at the First Presbyterian Church of Redlands, thanks to the lovely Anna sharing my piece with them. Here's a link:

This past April of 2021 saw the premiere of two of my pieces, A Prayer of Dedication and Romance for Viola and Piano. The first of these two was composed in honor of my dear friend Thomas Melton II and was performed at Trinity Episcopal Church by Canon Jeffrey H. Rickard, his wife and flutist Margaret Winter, and soprano Dianne Jennings. I don't yet have a recording to share, but I'm planning on rerecording the piece in the next few months.

The other piece, Romance for Viola and Piano, was premiered by violist Vincent Francis and pianist Hanako Duffie, also for the Green Orange Composition Recital. The piece turned out to be my longest instrumental work to date, and the premiere was wonderful. Here's a link:

This May saw the premiere of my choral piece Ubi caritas, written in November of 2020 in honor of Dr. Ralph Kuncl and his wife Nancy Kuncl, the eleventh president and first-lady of the University of Redlands. The piece was performed by the University of Redlands Chapel Singers under the direction of Dr. Nicholle Andrews during a virtual compline service. Here's a link:

This coming Fall of 2021, I will have two recitals both featuring original works. The first will be my junior recital in the form of an evening service featuring Reverend John Walsh, the recently retired chaplain of the University of Redlands. This recital was postponed to the fall because of safety regulations, but it will be performed by a chamber ensemble of talented singers. The second will be my senior recital, which will feature all original works conducted by myself.

I hope to keep this website better updated in the next few months as more projects come along!

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